Handmade Red Happiness Wedding Flat Shoes ** Free Gift ** 手工製造紅色喜字繡花鞋 ** 附送贈品 **

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♥♥ Free Gift ♥♥ - Comes along with a pair of beautiful embroidered Double Happiness insoles ♥♥♥

♥ Handmade flats red wedding shoes
♥ Double Happiness means long lasting fortune and love to each others forever
♥ It comes together with the Handmade traditional embroidery shoes pad
Unique and comfortable

Material: Cotton Canvas
Crafting Technique: Embroidery
Sole: Rubber
Shoes Sizes: EU36, EU37, EU38, EU39, EU40

Color: Red

♥♥ 附送贈品 ♥♥ -它配有手工製作的傳統刺繡鞋墊

♥ 喜字意味著持久的財富,永遠愛著彼此
♥ 它配有手工製作的傳統刺繡鞋墊
♥ 獨特而舒適


尺碼 ll 歐碼36, 歐碼37, 歐碼38, 歐碼39, 歐碼40


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