Ballard With High Heel (2.5 Inches) 巴拉德增高鞋 (連埋鞋塾總共增高二吋半)

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Simple ring tip design suitable for business and leisure
Fits true to size
Soft leather

簡約牛津花設計 商務休閒皆適合
真皮 耐用

Shoe width: Average

Upper Material: Premium Cow leather

鞋面物料: 優質牛皮

Inner Material: Pig leather        

內籠物料: 豬皮 

Sole Material: Premium Cow leather  

鞋底物料: 優質牛皮   

Inner sole material: Synthetic leather insole   

鞋墊物料: 仿羊紋墊腳

Type of leather: Premium Cow leather   

皮革種類: 優質牛皮

Size 尺碼 (EU) 歐碼

38 / 39 / 40 / 41 / 42 / 43 / 44



Colour 顏色:  Black 黑色

Made in China / Design in Hong Kong 

SKU: KV80058