37PCS Natural Pampas Grass Mix Bouquet, Dried Pampas Bouquet for Home Table Decor 37 件天然潘帕斯草混合花束,幹潘帕斯花束,適合家居餐桌裝飾 KCHM1149

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♥ Pampas grass can be used to create stunning centerpieces or wreaths, adding a touch of natural beauty to your home.
♥ Pampas grass is a durable and long-lasting option for decor, making it a great investment piece for your home.
♥ Pampas grass can be used as a standalone decor element or paired with other natural materials such as wood and stone to create a cohesive look.
♥ Pampas grass is a popular choice for wedding and event decor, adding a romantic and ethereal feel to any space.
♥ Pampas grass can be dried and preserved, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly option for decor.

Total 37pcs includes:

Bunny Tail x 10pcs
White Bunny Tail x 10pcs
Small White Reed x 6pcs
Whisk x 6pcs
Yellow Forget Me Not x 3pcs
Eucalyptus x 2pcs

++ Not include any vase ++

35-40cm tall


♥ 潘帕斯草可用於製作令人驚嘆的中心裝飾品或花環,為您的家增添一抹自然之美。
♥ 潘帕斯草是一種耐用且持久的裝飾選擇,使其成為您家居的絕佳投資選擇。
♥ 潘帕斯草可以用作獨立的裝飾元素,也可以與木材和石頭等其他天然材料搭配,打造出有凝聚力的外觀。
♥ 潘帕斯草是婚禮和活動裝飾的熱門選擇,可為任何空間增添浪漫和空靈的感覺。
♥ 潘帕斯草可以乾燥和保存,使其成為可持續且環保的裝飾選擇。

總共 37 件包括:

兔子尾巴 x 10 條
白色兔子尾巴 x 10 件
小白蘆葦 x 6 片
攪拌器 x 6 件
黃色勿忘我 x 3 件
尤加利 x 2 顆

++ 不包括任何花瓶 ++

35-40cm tall


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